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About us

Quite simply, we are a global family united in our passion for aviation and mobile flight simulation.
We started back in 2015 with a handful of members and over time, have evolved into the strongest and well-respected community within Infinite Flight. Our virtual family includes real world pilots, controllers for both civil and military aviation and aviation enthusiasts.  

We are founded on 3 key pillars - respect, integrity and professionalism and we expect this from our family at all times. We don't compromise on our values and always strive to be the best.     

What we offer


With short/long hauls, cargo runs and community events, we offer a variety of different flight experiences.


Fly with us all over the world with ATC and SID/STAR procedures to add to the experience!    


Keeping the virtual skies safe is essential. A large proportion of the IFAE family are IFATC certified to control on the expert server. 

Frequently asked questions

  • "How to I join Infinite Flight Aviation Experts?"
    We're open for business! Click on the "Join Us" button below and fill out a few details. Our recruitment team will contact you and arrange your practical tests.
  • "What are the requirements for joining Infinite Flight Aviation Experts?"
    Age 14 and over
    You must be at grade 4 or higher.
    Minimum of 1,000,000XP.
    Under 100 violations.
    No level 2 or 3 violations in the last 12 months.
  • "Can I be in both IFAE and Global Air Forces?"
    Yes - many of our members fly for both IFAE and Global Air Forces. 
  • "I'm in another virtual airline/organisation - does my flight experience count if I join Infinite Flight Aviation Experts?"
    Yes partly...Infinite Flight Aviation Experts are a trusted organisation within the Infinite Flight community. Having experience and the stats to show this are part of what we look for...having the right attitude and behaviors make the real difference.
  • What happens if I don't pass the practical tests for Infinite Flight Aviation Experts?
    Our recruitment team are here to help. They will give feedback on your practical exam and provide next steps. 
  • Once I've joined, is there a probation period? 
    Yes - new members are subject to a 90 day probation period to ensure you live up to our values.  

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